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There are some important points for us to consider as we move toward greater technology access for our students. I recently stumbled across this great EdSurge article and podcast that addresses the use of technology for deeper thinking and real-world learning.

Often, technology merely provides a means of substituting a digital tool that serves the same purpose as a non-digital tool. For example, looking at curriculum on a digital screen rather than in a print edition does not change learning for students.

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Updated: Apr 18, 2019

If you’re using the Classwork page, you can choose a collapsed or expanded view for Classwork notifications on the Stream page.

You can also hide them entirely from the Stream page.

-Go to and sign in with your USD 261 Google Account.

-Open your class.

-On the Stream page/tab, click Settings.

-Under General, next to Classwork on the stream, select an option: Hide notifications (No Classwork notifications appear on the Stream page). Show condensed notifications (Collapsed view). Show attachments and details (Expanded view).

Note: Only teachers see the turned in, assigned, and graded counts.

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Updated: Apr 18, 2019

Google Classroom is just one piece of the G Suite for Education applications. Thanks Jason Soupene for finding this excellent resource that the Boston Public Schools created for teachers.

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